I met Joy Singh one evening many months ago. I have never been a spiritual person, and I knew nothing about yoga or meditation.

But I was immediately intrigued by Joy’s ideas about meditation and her ability to understand and work with other people, and she and I began corresponding by email. Patiently, step by step, she led me to understand the power and promise of meditation. Finally, when I was ready to move forward, I called Joy, who conducted a session with me over the phone. Even over the telephone, I was moved by her words and by her perceptive insights into my habits and wishes and needs. In only a half-hour phone conversation, she made me see the value of meditation and my need to begin moving away from my own self-centered view of the world and to live in what she called the “present moment.” After only one brief phone call, I felt both a sense of calm and a desire to continue down the path of meditation. So Joy Singh transformed me from a skeptic into a believer in meditation and in what she calls the Energy. If she can teach and change me, I am certain she can aid anyone. She is a wonderful, patient, giving, and perceptive teacher.