James Bredijk

As an independent consultant I’m always immersed in the current project and preoccupied with the next one. It’s unrelenting and at times dealing with one distraction after another is overwhelming. I was hoping to find a way to ground myself. What I discovered was a way to stop and take stock of my day, and assess things with a clear mind. What I learned helps me manage the stress in my life and grants me the opportunity to make better decisions regarding the parts of my life that had begun to feel out of control.

Joy from One 2 One Meditation was remarkable. She had no expectations of me. I was apprehensive about surrendering myself to something unknown. Joy provided a safe, welcoming environment. She reminded me that there was no single definition of what meditation was. Her measured cadence focused me, allowing me to discard all the distractions I was worried would linger in my mind. Before long I experienced a peacefulness, freeing myself from everything I’d been burdening myself with.

Joy assures me that meditation is a journey and that it will continue to embrace me as I give myself to it. I’ve entrusted her to be my guide without regret.

Parsipanny, NJ