I came across One 2 One Meditation during an extremely trying period in our family life and my children needed a support system more than ever. Since I knew that I could not protect them from suffering, I opted to give them the tools to deal with and overcome this or any future life trials. Destiny lead us to Joy, who immediately took the time to speak with me at length to understand our situation and needs. She created a serene and supportive environment to establish our own personalized meditation practice. My children immediately opened up to Joy’s aura of light and she was able to teach and keep them interested. We learned how to quiet our minds, to be fully present in the moment, calming our thoughts and focusing through meditation to connect to our true selves.

I witnessed my children’s evolution and spiritual growth, understating their own potential for inner and outer peace. Meditating together, as a family, helped us strengthen our bonds, trust in the universe and find our place of harmony within. This was helpful in dealing with the present challenges, gaining a new life perspective and sense of empowerment. Joy’s teachings and wisdom guide and help us connect more fully to the experience of our own life. One 2 One will help you reap the benefits to help you overcome any obstacles or excuses that may be keeping you from being happy, achieving your full potential or finding peace. It will change your life for the better forever.

Morristown, NJ