Contemplation’s Role In Daily Meditation


Meditation ideally does not occur just for 20 minutes or an hour or even 2 hours in a day; meditation goes with you as your greatest weapon for good there can be. One can call that form of thinking–contemplation. Contemplation is a practice itself.

The ultimate goal of meditation is moment to moment, uninterrupted experience of the Truth. What is that Truth and why should we care about it? This essay attempts to describe the answer to these questions, as well as discuss what the role of the practice of contemplation is, in pursuit of the Truth.

Creation arose from one single source. That one Power then splintered into the unbounded diversity we call the universe. If there were only one entity to begin with, ultimately there is nothing which can be different from that Power–even today, with as much variety as we see and experience both within and outside ourselves.

Variety is easy to see –our own thoughts are great examples of the variety in nature, or in creation, but could there be a benefit to contemplating that despite the variety, the source was only one? There is great benefit to bending our mind toward this aspect of reality, over and over again. This conscious effort to think about the truth of one Power is called contemplation.

By contemplating the Truth in our daily lives, even while not meditating per se, it WILL happen, that our minds and our lives will be radically changed, in time. When we sit for formal meditation, meditation will become deeper also.

All this is especially possible when working with someone who has made contemplation their number one priority and who consequently experiences the Truth during the regular course of the day.

What happens when we begin to experience that we, ourselves, are identical to the universe outside? What happens is everything. Everything we want…happens. Contemplation of the Truth is the single most profitable use of one’s brain. But it’s not for everyone.

Whatever our interest level in meditation is — that is fine and appropriate. After all, each individual is perfectly playing his or her role in this world, according to that one Power’s whim. It may seem incredulous that there could be so much destructiveness and so much selfishness in a world created by the one Source, but that is a consequence of the Age we are in. In this Age, we have some clear choices. We can move toward love, toward knowing there is oneness among ALL of creation or we can continue to feel very separate from whatever we do not identify with. 🙂

Free will is the power of Creation itself, embodied in the human being. We reap the experiences of that free will in this lifetime from past lifetimes and in future lifetimes from this one. But focus on this life. 🙂